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The Sightseer Tram Car in New Jersey

If you've been to Wildwood, NJ, more than likely you have taken a stroll on its world famous two-mile boardwalk. Throughout changes occurring each year with new vendors coming in, new attractions, new prizes, new restaurants, new sounds, smells, and people; one thing has not changed. There is a certain sound that has remained over the past few years that everyone will recognize and know exactly what to do when they hear its call, "watch the tram car please!"Wildwood, NJ Tramcar

Wildwood's convenient boardwalk travel option, the Sightseer Tram car. Sure, Wildwood has a trolley service that runs the stretch of the island, but also a trolley service on the boardwalk! The tram car service has been available for over 50 years in Wildwood, NJ. The Sightseer tram car is batter operated and runs along its track on a continuous loop from Cresse Avenue on the Wildwood/Wildwood Crest border to 16th Street in North Wildwood.

The tram car service generally can be found in Wildwood starting Easter weekendand runs throughout the summer months and into late September/October. During the summer, the tram car service starts around 10:00AM and runs to around 1:00AM. There is a small fee per-person to ride the tram car, but it may save you a walk down the crowded boardwalk as others clear the trail with a memorable voice shouting "watch the tram car please!"

Since 1994, the tram service has also taken a step closer to the ocean offering a tram service to the beach! You pay a small fee per-passenger each way and you make your way across Wildwood's large, sandy beaches.

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